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Who are we?

Our purpose is to bring back ancient ways to our modern lives, making them real and lived through our bodies and hearts, not just in our minds and in books. Our ancient grandmother’s lives can become lived experiences within a supportive open community, which gives us all the motivation and drive to continue the practices in our increasingly disconnected lives at home. In essence, our feminine souls long to reconnect with our wild wise woman hearts. We can do this through participating in these ancient medicine ways.

Sharing this kind of ancient work at a retreat has immense health benefits from a community connection, nature experience, spiritual awakening perspective, and raises the vibration of joy through a circle of like minded women. Participants have reported feeling more in-tune with their soul purpose, creativity, zest for life, and self respect after attending our retreats.

We like to provide a space for fun and light heartedness, without giving you a prescription of “the way” to do things. We don’t know the way. We each have to find our own path by following our own hearts, however we can learn from each other, and our ancestors who nudge us in the general direction of right relationship and right action.

Our ancient practices work includes two weekend retreats delivered in nature, Mammatus in the autumn, Audhumbla in the spring, and a number of one day practical sessions throughout the year that provide participants a variety of learning experiences.

Each session includes context and history, instruction and practical application of tools used for millennia by our female ancestors.

Our session topics include ancient methods of Oracle, divination, healing through breath, sound and movement, staff making, as well as current meditation and mindfulness practices.

Beth Lenco - www.bethlenco.com

Kath Perry - www.noctilucaconsulting.com