Mammatus Retreat

Mammatus image.jpg

This retreat is specifically tailored to women’s unique spiritual language of body wisdom, Oracle, and nature connection. Perhaps you have been needing time to heal or locate a place of inner peace to retrieve answers to personal or global dilemmas and questions? Or maybe you just need a short time away from your regular life with other women in a magical rejuvenating place in nature?

We are very excited to offer you this opportunity of growth, well being, and peace interwoven with old wise women practices to assist you in your life. Our ancient grandmothers knew how to bring themselves into balance with inquiry, ceremony and healing through these practices. Our retreat will help you learn to bring them back into your daily life to promote balance and peace in these chaotic times

Practices in this retreat include but may not be limited to (depending on what’s inspiring us at the moment!) Oracle, meditation to connect with female ancestors, scrying, earth movement practice, ancestor feeding, music and sound healing.