Runes Session

The Runes are a mysterious symbolic language from a time and place unknown. They show up today in our culture as a divinatory practice or game. Like the tarot they may show us the way forward in times of confusion, or they may bring to light an aspect of ourselves we have overlooked or undervalued. Used this way, the runes can be extremely beneficial like a wise friend or counsellor accompanying us on our life’s journey.

The runes are generally associated with Odin, the patriarchal God father of the Viking peoples. However, did you know the runes have an older more hidden feminine origin and power which is not yet well known or understood? The runic mysteries live deep in our female psyches, which when used with respect can evoke knowing and remembering of beneficial healing magic. 

In this session we review the history of the runes and experience a practice using the runes in our protected circle supported by our female ancestors.