What people are saying…

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"The Ancient Practices Mammatus retreat really opened up a space inside me I never knew existed but had a feeling was there. The work we participated in allowed me space to trust in my intuition today and tomorrow. I feel renewed refreshed and ready for the next one.."

— Liseanne M.


"I first met Beth and Kath when I attended their 2-day Mammatus Retreat 
in 2018. Accompanying a friend, I came with little knowledge and few 
expectations. The Retreat turned out to be magical and transformative 
for me; I left with a sense of peace, joy, connection and purpose, and 
the confidence to make needed changes in my life.  I am continuing to 
attend their Ancient Practices workshops and would highly recommend them 
to others

— Mary Kate N.


"We love ancient practices."

— Biggest Fan